Dark Night Of The Soul

19:53 Cholis Back 0 Comments

*Warning - some profanity, but far less than the initial draft.

Coming off Penn State's worst performance since Ohio State ruined the White Out in 2007, it's time to really assess what this Penn State team is. Sure, they stand at 3-1, but honestly they haven't looked liked they (the offense) cared if they won in any of the games they've played and only through circumstances of playing series of middling to bad competition (and the defense) they've come out the better side. I hate to bring condemnation on the whole squad, because some guys are playing their hearts out, but there hasn't been a concerted 60-minute effort put on the field yet this season. We'll get a handful of series of focused offense and wander aimlessly the rest of the time. Daryll Clark has regressed horribly this year, he's not going through progressions, not squaring up on his throws and often has receivers stretching, diving and twisting to make receptions. This is your second year running this offense, how can you not have better blitz recognition or seemingly have any idea to call a hot route for a quick dump off? (Note to future opponents: when you're on defense, blitz the hell out of us every single down, because apparently we refuse to learn how to adjust.) How do you let the play clock run out in the shadow of your own goal posts to negate one of the few positive plays against Iowa? I'm sorry if it seems like I'm picking on Clark, but he's the fucking captain. You don't get to be the captain simply because you're a senior, or at least you shouldn't, you earn being a captain because you're a leader and this team hasn't shown any leadership on offense. They're rudderless. Furthermore on the play clock, what the fuck is taking so long to get the damn plays called? What are the coaches doing in the booth? Why the hell, haven't we seen more of Newsome and McGloin against Akron, Syracuse and Temple? The reason, we don't have Pat Devlin to fall back on this year, is the coaches refusal to bring Devlin in during Clark's post-concussion games last year, specifically Iowa and Indiana when he clearly wasn't himself. Yet they again refuse to give any substantial meaningful playing time to our back-ups this year to prepare them should the need arise that god forbid they may actually need to play (see: Bradford, Sam). Now comes the first road trip of the year, to Illinois, and unless someone starts putting boot to ass and get this mess straightened out, they'll be anointing the inaugural Little Caesars Pizza Bowl in sunny Detroit this December. WOO!