Oh, this will be fun!

12:08 Cholis Back 0 Comments

Hey, anybody heading over to the game Saturday? Yeah, check this out:

Wanna rethink that?

If you live outside of central PA, I swear to you it is snowing right now, fucking snowing! In the middle of November... wait its October, FUCK!!!

There is nothing , and I mean NOTHING worse than bone-chilling "almost snow," or as you Southerners like to call it rain (around the freezing mark). I would rather sit in a blinding snow storm tied to a chair forced to listen to Miley Cyrus' attempt at a rap song on an endless loop than stand in bone chilling almost snow soaked and cold as Hell. In my youth I was a hunter (its central PA, by law we have to shoot some furry woodland creature to get a driver's license) and I've sat through temperatures so cold that the trees were freezing and cracking open before my eyes and it doesn't compare to being soaked at 32 degrees. Thank God I'm not going into the game, good luck you Nittany Lion faithful with tickets, I pray for you.