An obligatory look at Indiana

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About the University
Indiana's state government in Corydon founded Indiana University in 1820 as the State Seminary." It was originally located at what is now called Seminary Square Park near the intersection of Second Street and College Avenue….The hiring of Andrew Wylie, its first president, in 1829 signified the school's growing professionalism. The General Assembly changed the school's name to "Indiana College" in the same year. In 1838 the legislature changed the school's name for a final time to Indiana University.

Cool Fact

In 1999, the Indiana University School of Informatics was established as an environment for research professors and students to develop new uses for information technology in order to solve specific problems in areas as diverse as biology, fine arts, and economics. Informatics is also interested in "how people transform technology, and how technology transforms us."

The School is one of a handful which offer degrees in Human-Computer Interaction. The School is the only one in the country to offer a formal degree which combines Human-Computer Interaction and Computer Security.

Ok then, I have no idea what that means.

Football related datum

Current Record: 4 – 6
Last year's Record: 3 – 9

The scary side of things

Indiana QB Ben Chappell has completed more passes and thrown for more yards than Daryll Clark. He has 2377 yards on the season good enough for 4th best in the conference. Indiana is the best team in the conference when it comes to giving up sacks, so Penn State may need to bring more than their front four to get pressure (which you know they won't). Indiana is second in the conference in turnover margin and in the dreaded kickoff returns (but you know the coaches will have that whole special teams debacle fixed by Saturday. Right.) Indiana has played it very close to a lot of conference foes. Three of the Hoosiers' five conference losses have been by three points or fewer.

The not-so-scary side of things

Ok, it's Indiana. They're averaging a paltry 116 yards per game on the ground and they're dead last in the conference in pass efficiency defense, total defense and pass defense. They also give up over 28 points per game. If Penn State can't move the ball in this game they better pack it up for the rest of the season. While Chappell's passing numbers are fairly impressive he has thrown 12 picks this season. Indiana's "signature" win came against Illinois, outside of that they've beat Directional Kentucky, Directional Michigan and Akron.

Game Outlook

Indiana has an outside shot at a bowl game if they pull off the upset and then beat Purdue, but I don't think that's going to happen. Expect Penn State to have a hangover and play poorly, particularly early in the contest, but the defense will keep the Lions in it until the offense decides to wake up. I expect Indiana to move the ball on Penn State but not get it in the endzone too often. Hopefully Penn State comes out pissed off after getting their asses handed to them on a shiny plate, but I'm not holding my breath.

TNL's Prediction

Penn State 27
Indiana 10