Bradshaw: 'Most important Temple home game in 30 years'

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A good way to send the team off would be for a crowd like this.
The sun is setting on the Owls' home season on Saturday afternoon.
By the time it goes down, if the team plays like (focused) crazed men and takes care of business against Kent State, the Owls could be celebrating a MAC East championship on the field.
A home season which kicked off in the sunset of a late-summer night against Villanova (see photo above) will end pretty close to sunset on a late November Saturday afternoon.
A terrific, fitting (and really only) way to send these exceptional young men off would be for a crowd approaching the opening-game crowd of 27,000 fans.
Don't ask for stadiums and the like if you can't get yourself and 29,999 other fans into this one.
In many ways, this is a referendum on Temple football.
If you want a perennial winner, a top 25 program that you can be proud of and the nation will respect, you will vote for it on Saturday.
But you won't be using your right arm to pull the lever.
You'll be using your two feet, making your way to the stadium for the 1 p.m. start.
Like we said, though, in an earlier post, hoping for it to happen won't make it happen.
If you live in California or Colorado or Florida, you are excused.
If you are one of the 150,000 alumni and 33,000 full-time students living in this area, you are not.
We can't count on disaffected Eagles' fans to fill our stadium.
We must do it with Temple people proudly wearing Cherry sweatshirts and game jerseys and screaming their heads off when the Owls are on defense.
"This may be the most significant home football game Temple has hosted in 30 seasons. I cannot say this more clearly: GET TO THE GAME! Bring your families, friends, Temple classmates, and all the people who said to you, 'When Temple starts winning, I’ll be there.' Now is the time: we’d love to see a 30,000+ crowd to push the Owls to victory."
_ Bill Bradshaw, AD, Temple

Be proactive the next few days in getting the crowd out:
Some ideas:

  • If you have Facebook or MySpace pages, prominently mention the game as The Event of the weekend on it;
  • Search for any EVENT page on similar social networking websites and sign up pledging that you will attend;
  • Call radio stations talking up the leading freshman runner in the country and the program in general. (Hint: Don't tell the producer you are calling about Temple football. Tell them you are calling about the Eagles then ease the call into talking about Temple. "I'm so upset with the Eagles, I can't watch them anymore," you say. "I have more fun going to the Temple games. At least they win."
  • Sign onto Eagles' blogs and message boards with a similar take. When someone says "no one gives a bleep about Temple football" you come back wtih "it's a lot more exciting than watching McNabb choke" or a similar comeback.
  • Keep telling them where you will be at 1 p.m. on Saturday afternoon, Lincoln Financial Field.
  • Mention how fun the tailgates are in school and at your place of work.
  • Tell people "you've got to see this Bernard Pierce" and "this is your last chance" and "he's electric when he touches the ball."
  • Put a sign out on your lawn. "Temple vs. Kent State, 1 p.m., Lincoln Financial Field, for the MAC title."

All true and just ideas for starters. We'd welcome yours in the comment box below. Forty-eight hours to honor these terrific seniors and this team that has made us so proud.
It might be sunset for the home season, but the sun is just beginning to rise on Temple football with hopefully the best part of the season just ahead.