Sparty sucks! The return of Farkin’ Friday

04:21 Cholis Back 0 Comments

It's been a very, very long time since I've flexed my Photoshop muscles and I was board the other night, and hey… it's rivalry week! Ok, it may be a manufactured rivalry but if it walks like a steroid freak, talks like a steroid freak, and gets angry for seemingly random reasons, it's probably a steroid enhanced freak of a mascot, and guess what, he can't dance. Oh he'll try…

*Click on to any to embiggen

But football fields aren't the venue for breakdancin' no, Sparty needs the big stage.

Or even a bigger stage…

Or even a video, and not just any video mind you, with a dancer like Sparty you need someone with similar awesome dance skills and who better than one of the best dancers of all time!

STOP! Spartytime.


Beat Sparty!