Required summer fiction: Owls' depth chart

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Just a hunch, but this guy will be Villanova's biggest nightmare on Sept. 3.

Not quite up there with the Harry Potter Series, but the best work of fiction this spring has been penned by Al Golden.
Or at least part fiction.
It's called the 2010 Temple Football Depth Chart.
For something to while the time away in the "reading room" I like it.
There's some humor in it and I like comedy.
There's a strong purpose to it, mostly to light a fire under some of the more talented Owls.
That's all OK because this is a rough draft and not the finished version.
It's not this depth chart that needs to be taken seriously, it's the one released in the pre-game notes on the day of the Villanova game that matters.
I have a feeling, except for positions like quarterback, running back and kicker, there will be a lot of tweaking to it before the Mayor's Cup game.
QB - Chester Stewart, Chris Coyer or Mike Gerardi
WR1 - Michael Campbell OR Hammond OR Deon Miller
WR 2 - Joey Jones OR Rod Streater followed by Haldeman
TE - Charlton OR Brown, then Alex Jackson, Cody Booth
RB - Bernard Pierce, Ahkeem Smith, Matt Brown
K - Brandon McManus

DE - Adrian Robinson, Blueford
DE - Kadeem Custis, Johnson
DT - Big Mo Wilkinson, Paulhill
NT - Joseph, Jeff Whittingham OR Levi Brown
OLB - Tavir Whitehead, Quenten White OR Blaze Caponegro
MLB - Peanut Johnson, Marcus Green OR Johnson
OLB - Amara Kamara OR Jordan
CB - Marquise Liverpool OR Johnson, Nixon
CB - Jones, Griffin
FS - Jaquain Jarrett, Parker, Parker, Gildea
SS - Kevin Kroboth, Vaughn Carraway
P - Jeff Wathne or Cerrette

I think Evan Rodriguez, someone not even listed on the four-deep version, wins the TE job by Villanova. Gosh, I hope so because the ceiling of this guy's talent is about as high as the Volcanic Ash cloud from Iceland. He looked pretty good to me in the Cherry and White game.
I think the staff is intrigued enough by the 6-6 size on one side that Miller gives and he grabs that WR1 job.
If Charlton starts and plays significant minutes at tight end against Villanova (say, half the game), I will be stunned out of my mind.
Who knows what happens at quarterback, but I think Golden got it right. Chester Stewart has been here for awhile and it was his job to win in the spring and he might have just done enough to win it.
He certainly did enough to get Charlton moved to tight end.
I like Amara Kamara at linebacker and I like the size and athleticsm that Custis brings to the other end spot. That should help Adrian Robinson a lot.
Imagine being Chris Whitney on opening day, if you will:
A nasty 6-foot-4, 265-pound Custis coming at you from one end and a speedy equally nasty Adrian Robinson coming at you from the other end and people like Big Mo, Jeff Whittingham and Levi Brown helping to collapse the pocket from the middle.
Call that novel War and (Whitney) Piece.
And that would come under the category of non-fiction.