Thoughts from Cherry and White Day 2010

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Some questions answered, some answers questioned and otherwise random thoughts from Cherry and White Day 2010:
I think this Mike Gerardi kid bears watching. If he doesn't have the "it factor", he's damn close to having it.
1) It's hard to make a decision about quarterback _ I liked all three quarterbacks, but no one really stood out on this day. Chester Stewart aired it out on the last play of the first half, but it didn't come close to a receiver. I like the fact that CS competed. I also like the fact that Chester Stewart had no interceptions all last season. I liked Mike Gerardi's poise. I thought that Chris Coyer had too many passes dropped. Slightest, if any, edge to Stewart on this one day. Great to see Vaughn Charlton out there competing at tight end and showing the a positive attitude and leadership he always displays. Gerardi looks like he's been there before. He looks like he expects to start. Everybody tells me he has no shot at playing, but it's always those guys you have to keep an eye on. The same people who poo-poo Mike Gerardi said Matt Brown wasn't going to do didly and he got 155 on Ohio on the MAC East title game. I think this Mike Gerardi kid bears watching. If he doesn't have the "it factor", he's damn close to having it. That's all I'm going to say on the subject. None of the three QBs did enough, but I'd have to rate Stewart's deep ball the best and Gerardi's poise the best based on this one day. Coyer probably blows them away in the elusiveness category, but everytime someone touched him, that was ruled a sack and that's just not fair to a guy who can duck out of danger and make positive yardage.
2) Event really is too big for the Edberg-Olsen Complex _ It's saying something when the best seats in the house are in the high-rise apartment complex across the street. It's got to be moved to Ambler next year. Bring the field up to standards. They have a nice horticulture program up there anyway. Put those students to work. I didn't go up on the deck because some day that thing is going to collapse below the weight of too many people and I don't want to be there when it does. Another reason to move it to Ambler.
3) Thank God Bernard Pierce didn't get hurt _ It says something that all three quarterbacks were wearing the orange ("don't hit me") jersey, yet it was open season on next year's Heisman Trophy winner (hopefully). I say take the orange jerseys off the quarterbacks next year, too.
4) Vaughn Carraway can catch after all _ The most heralded pass receiving recruit in a number of years finally found the field and the ball with a real nice interception. Hopefully, that's a portent of things to come.
5) Liked the contributions of big DT Levi Brown,   DE Adrian Robinson, WR Rod Streater, WR Delano Green, Pierce (of course) and the pride of Wall Township (N.J.) High, Blaze Caponegro (two interceptions on tipped balls), among so many. Brandon McManus, the best kicker in the MAC, nailed about a 51-yarder, which was a good sign particularly in a 24mph crosswind. Didn't like that there were so many tipped balls, but that can be worked on in the coming days.
Overriding thought was that I can't wait until Sept. 3.