Weather for Friday looking good ... so far

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Actually, that should be one color ... Cherry.

Weather, SEPTA, Phillies ... no excuses on Friday. Be there and wear Cherry.

I went to bed last night and slept secure in the knowledge that the weather forecast was good for Friday afternoon's home opener with Villanova.
Adam Joseph, the Channel 6 weather guy, said it would be hot (95 degrees) and sunny.
A little too hot, probably, to be drinking alcohol in the tailgate, but I made a mental note to pack away the Diet Pepsi Wild Cherrys just in case.
I left the TV on and woke up to a nightmare.
Matt Broderick, the WFMZ weather guy, said that Hurricane Earl might make a run close enough to "even cause us some problems."
Just Temple's luck.
The Owls had a Hurricane for the UConn home game a few years ago, one so bad Channel 29's John Bolaris said on the 10 p.m. news "no way Temple will be playing in this tomorrow."
They not only played, they brought 17,000 fans, most of them drenched students, to the overtime loss.
Who knows how many fans watched Bolaris that night and decided to bag it?
Last year, the Homecoming Game was affected by a Nor'easter so bad that it was compared to the 1960 Jersey shore Hurricane. The crowd against Army was abysmal.
Now this.
Still, though, Channel 6 is sticking to their guns and predicting sunny and 95 for Friday.
Channel 3 is also predicting good weather for Friday, 90 degrees but with a "watching Earl" caveat on the five-day.
So the weather for Friday, on the whole, is looking good ... so far.
There's a part of me that thinks this bad boy named Earl will make a hard left at the last minute just to screw Temple, but I hope that's the cynic in me.
I'm counting on Channel 3 and 6 to be right and WFMZ, an Allentown station, to be wrong.
I will not bother to check out what John Bolaris says.