Is it Week 6 already?

21:19 Cholis Back 0 Comments

Man, this season is going fast.
It's time for the weeklhy MAC football bloggers roundtable.
Here are the questions thrown my way and my answers, as always, are Golden, as in Al:
1. What are your realistic best- and worst-case scenarios for the rest of your team's season?
My worst-case scenario is that Bernard Pierce doesn't get fully healthy. Even though Temple beat Army with a 226-yard, four-touchdown performance by backup Matty Brown ... Matty Brown is no Bernard Pierce. Penn State could not handle Bernard Pierce in the red zone before BP sprung an oil leak, err, ankle sprain. Penn State had no problems at all with Matty Brown. So while a lot of Owl fans are excited about Matty Brown going forward, I look at him through the Prism of the PSU game. Best case? Chester Stewart becomes Randall Cunningham and BP comes back and Temple runs the table.
2. If you could pick a single down that's been played this year to give a different result, which play would you choose? Why that play? How would you like it to go?
Pick is a good word. I can't pick a single down. I can pick three downs and I have to use the word pick three times, which is precisely what Stewart did on the three absolutely worst reads of a defense by a Temple quarterback I have ever seen in the Penn State game. That game was Temple's for the taking, even without Bernard Pierce.
3. Which MAC team is better than their record? Which is worse?
Miami is definitely better. I saw the Florida game and the Red Hawks hung. I think Central Michigan is probably worse than 3-2, although you couldn't tell it from the Temple game.
4. What remaining game are you most looking forward to?
Just one. Northern Illinois.
5. Rank 'em, in whatever order and by whatever criterion you prefer.
1. Temple
2. Northern Illinois
4. CMU
5. Miami
6. Bowling Green
7. Toledo
8. Buffalo.
9. Western Michigan
10. Ball State
11. Kent State
12. Eastern Michigan
13. Akron