MAC Blogger Roundtable: Week 9

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Matt Falcone proves that when you go to Temple, you get to meet Super Bowl winning coaches. Matt was a special teams' star in 2009 from the great town of Palmerton, Pa. (Home of the Blue Ridge Country Club and not far from the Bowmanstown Diner.) I had the good fortune of meeting his Mom at the UConn game. Hurry back, Matt.

Let's Go Rockets (Toledo) is hosting this week's MAC Roundtable Question and Answer session:

1. What has been the biggest surprise for your MAC team this season? Can be good or bad, player or team?

TFF: Matt Brown taking carries away from My Main Man Bernard Pierce. I don't like it, but I have to give the little guy credit for producing (except against Penn State). I really feel Matt is best suited as a third-down back and a slotback (and emergency backup) and Bernard should get his 20-25 carries. I hope the offense evolves that way because Penn State had no shot at stopping BP before he broke his ankle. When Brown replaced him, the Nits had no problem with Brown. A steady diet of Bernard Pierce gives quarterback Mike Gerardi more wide-open play-action options.

2. Hypothetical: your team has been selected to play in a bowl game -- from which MAC-tied bowl would you like to receive an invite ?
TFF: I would say GMAC (whoops because at least Mobile, Ala. has a chance of having a 65-degree day in Jan. (Yeah, I know it was 35 degrees at last year's GMAC game but I froze my ass off in sub-11 wind chill in D.C.)

3. In your bowl game answer from above -- what opponent (any) would you like to face and why ?
TFF: Easy. Penn State. Mike Gerardi at QB AT LEAST evens the playing field vs. Penn State and that would be a huge statement win for the program, like UCLA should have been last year. I ust hope PSU gets to six wins. (I know that's more likely in Detroit than Mobile, so I'd go to Detroit for that matchup if I have to ....)
4. Only a few weeks remain in this season, what has to happen in the remaining games for your team to finish on an upswing / maintain / save the season / etc. ?
TFF: No injuries at the RB or QB positions especially.
5. Rank the teams in the order you expect to see them at the close of the season.

1. Temple
2. NIU
3. Ohio
4. Western Michigan
5. Ohio
6. Central Michigan
7. Kent State
8. Miami
9. Bowling Green
10. Ball State
11. Buffalo
12. Eastern Michigan
13. Akron