Temple Football Forever hosts MAC Week 8

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Much to my chagrin, most of my fellow Temple fans are not as rabid a MAC football fan as I am.
My Temple loyalty dates back 30 or so years.
My MAC loyalty dates back about half that time.
My real job involves covering high schools for  a major urban newspaper and I got to following MAC football because it was the only game on TV on Thursday nights roughly 15 years ago.
This was long before Temple got involved with the MAC and long before I ever dreamed such a pairing would ever exist.
The TV was always on in the background and the MAC game would invariably draw me to it like a magnet.
My co-workers then would be more than happy to verify that this is what I used to say when MAC football came on TV:
"God, I love this conference."
Probably because, as underdogs, these guys used to pull off upsets like Northern Illinois over Alabama and Toledo over Colorado on a semi-regular basis.
Loved it then.
Love it now.
According to the results of our latest poll, 75 percent of you care more about Temple changing QBs than the Chilean miners being rescued. Thanks for voting.
I only bet the MAC when it comes to Saturdays and the first scores I look for are MAC games. (For reasons of loyalty, I never bet Temple games.) I don't care about the SEC or Big 10.
Only the MAC.
Since Vegas doesn't follow the MAC nearly as closely as I do, I consider my knowledge of MAC outcomes virtual insider trading.
It's the conference that loves you back.
So it is my honor and privilege to be part of the MAC bloggers' group and host Week 8 this week:
Here are my questions and answers returned to me so far:
Let's Go Rockets (Toledo):

Bull Run (Buffalo):

Fire Up Chips (Central Michigan)

Over The Pylon (Ball State)

Orange and Brown (Bowling Green)

Totem (Eastern Michigan Eagles)