Daz: 'Scot will call the plays'

08:26 Cholis Back 0 Comments

The Heisman "campaign" may be low-key this year, but nonetheless Scot Loeffler would be one wise Owl if he fueled the Owls' offense with BP oil.

Google "Steve Addazio" on the internet and what you are likely to find is a litany of ramblings from Florida fans, justified or not, complaining about how Steve Addazio "called the plays" for the 2010 Gators.
Steve Addazio has become a synonym of offensive incompentence in their eyes.
I think it's a pretty unfair characterization given that the buck always stopped with Saint Urban Meyer.
So Florida fans are going to love this latest pronoucement from Addazio's lips:
"Scot will call the plays," Daz said on Meet and Greet Day last week.

 Scot (one T) is new offensive coordinator Scot Loeffler, a quarterback genius who developed Tom Brady and Chad Henne at Michigan and Tim Tebow at Florida.
Loeffler is a big-time offensive mind who knows how to move the football, probably through osmosis, by now.
"Dude, my boy from Temple Football Forever told
coach Daz to give the ball to No. 30. That seals i t.
I'm putting you down for 20 TDs and 2,011 yards in 2011."
Addazio, on the other hand, is a life-long offensive line coach who appears to be more at home in the trenches. If he's comfortable with making Scot Loeffler the offensive head coach and Chuck Heater the defensive head coach, that makes me comfortable, too.
After meeting Daz for the first time last week, I must admit I was, err, Dazzled.
My sense is that he's probably more suited to being a CEO/Motivator than someone who wants to be micromanaging each individual facet of his organization.
That's got to be good for Temple because being a big-time football head coach is too large a job if you can't hire people you can trust. See Andy Reid and his less-than-stellar NFL draft day record as a case in point.
If all Addazio does is leave the offense up to Loeffler and the defense up to Chuck Heater and take care of the CEO duties and motivates the hell out of the Owls, this  should be the best season yet.
The same guy Florida fans hated so much could be the very one Owl fans come to love.
With the exception of a failure to recruit a high-profile tailback to spell Bernard Pierce, he's pushed all the right buttons so far.
There's only one more button to be pushed.
The last thing I told him was to give the ball to No. 30.
He laughed out loud, that hearty belly laugh that I never heard from Al Golden.
Like any good CEO, I hope he processed the tip and passed it along to Scot.