The one red shirt I hate

20:22 Cholis Back 0 Comments

What Temple fans MIGHT expect from Chris Coyer on Thursday.

One of the momentous decsions in the early Steve Addazio Era is in the process of being made right now.
And it all comes down to a red shirt.
More precisely, an orange shirt.
That's what the Temple quarterbacks have been wearing since spring ball.
The shirt means these guys can't be rushed, can't be sacked, can't be hit, in practice.
While I understand the reasoning, what I don't understand is how this will make Addazio's first all-important decision easier.
Remember, I'm talking from the perspective of having seen guys like Vaughn Chartlon and Mike McGann throw 11 straight completions in seven-on-seven drills.
Both looked like Peyton Manning that day.
When the orange shirt came off, in "real" games, both looked like Rex Grossman.
Not good.
Let's hope that Addazio takes the game film into account before he makes this most important of decisions in the coming days.
I don't care who starts, I just want the guy to be a gamer and a leader and a guy who makes plays with defenders hanging all over him.
I did not see that in Chester Stewart in any of the last three years.
I did see that in Mike Gerardi last year, at most times.
If Chris Coyer beats Mike Gerardi out, then that means Temple is that much better set for Thursday night's game. It means that Coyer can make plays with his feet as well as his arm. I did not see Gerardi making plays with his feet last year.
I don't think it is possible for Juice Granger to be ready.
Not quite yet.
Call it a gut feeling based on reports from insiders at camp, but I think Daz goes to the darkhorse guy in redshirt sophomore Coyer, an Ohio State recruit.
Your call, Daz.
May you make it wisely.