The Montrell Dobbs Show Debuts

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Montville rival coach speaks in glowing terms of Montrell Dobbs.
"He's got to be the most in-shape athlete I've ever seen in any sport in the state."
_ Montville coach Tanner
Grove, speaking about
Ansonia's Montrell Dobbs
About this time last week, I was lamenting how Temple could lose a guy named Bernard to the NFL draft while a guy named Montee returned to Wisconsin for his senior year.
Never mind the guy named Montee was rated higher than Bernard in every statistical and other rating category and therefore had MORE to lose than Bernard by returning to college. Bernard Pierce is rated as a high third-round pick. Montee Ball would have gone in the first round.
Well, a lot has happened in a week.
A couple of days ago, Temple got a full Montee as in a Montrell.
We don't know if Temple's Montrell Dobbs will be as good or better than Bernard but, judging on their high school stats, Dobbs outperformed Pierce in a number of categories.
While Pierce's stats were impressive as a high school senior at Glen Mills (1,356 yards, 26 touchdowns), Dobbs' 45 touchdowns were literally off the charts (see accompanying chart).
Temple Football Fun Fact
Owls finished ahead of the University of Florida, Notre Dame and Miami (Fla.) in the final USA Top 25 poll. Owls had two votes, Notre Dame and Florida one and Miami zero (sorry, Al Golden).
We don't know how good a high school league Dobbs played in, but he followed that up with 1,227 yards and 21 touchdowns on a prep school level rated at about a JUCO level.
That's a pretty good level of football.
Add in the fact that Dobbs, like Pierce, is a 4.5-40 speedster and appears to have Paul Palmer-type durability (he even had a few games over 50 carries) and this just might be the best pickup of the Steve Addazio Era (and he's had a few good ones).
Dobbs told the Stamford Advocate that he's "real excited" about coming to Temple. The only person more excited about Montrell Dobbs coming to Temple is me because a top-flight running back should have been Temple's No. 1 priority in this class from the get-go and Dobbs fits the bill.
Since he's a partial qualifier, getting Dobbs on the field ASAP to play the same role Pierce played with Matty Brown now becomes urgent.

Montrell Dobbs' senior year transcript from Ansonia (Conn.) High.

Addazio appears to have addressed that  by having Dobbs enroll on Jan. 17 where he can work with Temple's excellent staff of academic advisors to come up to 4.5 speed in the classroom as well.
Al Golden once told me that the formula for winning in the MAC is pretty easy.
"Trust your eyes on most guys, but get five or six guys per class who were wanted by BCS schools," Golden said. "To win in the MAC, you've got to have BCS-level talent at the key positions."
When Temple ripped off that long winning streak in 2009 (stopped when Bernard Pierce got injured), I felt for the most part I was watching a BCS team play in a FCS league.
With Temple's recruiting advantages over the other MAC schools, that's the way it's got to be going forward.
Addazio seems to have gotten a lot of guys wanted by the Old Dominions and the Akrons, but is finally showing signs of getting guys wanted by the UConns.
Golden had a handful of guys offered (not just wanted) by BCS schools every year. Adrian Robinson was offered by Pitt. Kee-ayre Griffin was offered by Boston College. Kadeem Custis was offered by West Virginia. Evan Rodriguez actually played at West Virginia before transferring to Temple.
And those are just some examples.
Now Addazio has a marquee player offered by UConn.
By recruiting a quarterback who was wanted by Ohio State (which made an offer based on a visit) in Chris Coyer, Golden finally filled that key position and Temple fans finally saw the value of that scholarship this year.
Dobbs was wanted by UConn and signed with that school a year ago before going the prep school route.
Running back is a key position as well but, unlike quarterback, it is a position where impacts are made right away.
Montrell Dobbs has all the measurables to make an impact right away.
It should be a show worth watching.

"Get your popcorn ready. It's gonna be a show."
(ok, nuke the popcorn first and then come back and click on the video below.)

This is how you break all of Shady McCoy's rushing records at Milford Academy.