The latest on Temple to Big East

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Temple's (reported) Big East Deal:
MAC gets $6 million
Temple gets $2.5 million loan from BE
A10 gets a year's notice and $1 million
Temple plays 2 hoop games vs. MAC teams and one football game vs. a MAC team (presumably UMass this season)
We're a little gun shy about posting information on Temple's possible re-admission to the Big East for football, which seems imminent.
Gun shy, because I believe in the old adage "if it seems too good to be true, it probably isn't."
Well, Temple's football team moving to the Big East for the 2012 season seems too good to be true. That doesn't mean it can't happen.
Or doesn't mean it won't happen.
I'll just believe it when I see it.
Tuesday a week ago, I posted that "Temple could be in the Big East tomorrow" meaning Wednesday.
(I meant this Wednesday. Just kidding.)
For what it's worth, Temple wide receiver C.J. Hammond posted "it's official" last night on his twitter account. Word must have spread quickly throughout the Edberg-Olsen Complex on Monday that the deal with the MAC was wrapped up.
Woodward and Bernstein have nothing on C.J. Hammond.
Nobody at Temple, not Steve Addazio, not Bill Bradshaw, is saying a word to the press but kids and social media being what they are, word sometimes gets out.
I don't think C.J. pulled that tweet out of thin air or anywhere else for that matter.
Here's what it looks like, though, from a number of good sources inside Temple:
The Big East held a straw vote a couple of weeks ago, designed to give Temple the "go-ahead" to get out of its MAC and A10 contracts. The "formal" vote, which is expected to be the same, comes this Wednesday (tomorrow).

It looks like Temple will join the Big East for football in 2012, but delay the Big East admission in basketball until 2013 to save $1 million and to avoid paying a "territory" fee to Villanova.
Temple will pay the MAC a total of $6 million, with $2.5 million to be advanced by the Big East (and made up by Temple in TV  funds later on).
When will the "official" announcement come?
Not soon enough, as far as I'm concerned.
Temple is running out of Wednesdays and tomorrows.