Temple could benefit most from Penn State sanctions

06:52 Cholis Back 0 Comments

Not Penn State wins anymore, but not Temple's, either.
Forget the fact that Penn State's seven wins over Temple  since 1998 have been "vacated."
The Penn State sanctions announced this morning by the NCAA are staggering and there are no winners, just losers, in this case.
Still, an institution like Temple, with none of the Penn State baggage, could be a landing spot for some of these Penn State players.
The NCAA vacated all of Penn State's wins from 1998 through 2011.
I don't take any satisfaction in any of that. I will take my satisfaction on Sept. 22 when the Owls pick up a real win at Beaver Stadium. Nothing less.
Forget all that, though.
Temple stands to benefit in more tangible ways from Penn State's sanctions today.
Perhaps more, or at least as much, as any other school.
Penn State players are eligible to transfer today and play at any school tomorrow.
Why not Temple?
Temple is in the same state as many of the current Penn State players.
Temple, like Penn State, plays in a BCS conference.
Temple, unlike Penn State, is located in a major media market.
Temple, unlike Penn State, is eligible to play in bowls for the next four years.
Temple, unlike Penn State, gets to use its full complement of 25 scholarships for the next four years.
Temple, unlike Penn State and even Pitt (which had four head coaches in a little over a calendar year) offers the most stability of any program in Pennsylvania.
Why not Temple, indeed?
If I were a Penn State football player or current verbal, I would be on the phone with Steve Addazio today.