Throwback Thursday: Temple 23, Army 20

10:49 Cholis Back 0 Comments

In the grand scheme of Temple wins, Temple's 23-20 win over Army in 1994 certainly didn't mean much.
But it was important in the sense that it was Temple's first-ever win over Army ever and was the start of a series of wins that gives Temple the all-time lead against one of college football's legendary programs.
By then, though, Army was far from legendary, even though the Cadets hammered the Owls (and everyone else) during the WWII years.
That's one reason why it was important for Temple.
Another was that it gave a then-downtrodden program its first winning season since the Bruce Arians Era.
I was listening to the game in the Philadelphia suburbs while covering an Abington High School game.
Don Henderson, the Owls' play-by-play man at the time, called the touchdown pass from Henry Burris to Sid Morse with 1:14 left that won it, pronouncing Morse name "Morris" as he always did. A key play in that game was a fake punt by Temple that set up the touchdown.
The Owls last defeat at West Point came in 2007 when Derek "Bonecrusher" Dennis tackled Adam DiMichele in the open field.
"He'll never live that down," Dennis' dad laughed when I told him about that last year.
Dennis, by the way, signed a contract this week to play in the Arena Football League. He improved enough to be a member of one of the two best offensive lines I ever saw at Temple (2011 and 1979).
I never thought I'd write this coaching comparison, but Steve Addazio might want to rip out a play from the Ron Dickerson playbook and use the fake punt this weekend at Army.
The last time Daz used the fake punt, Ahkeem Smith took the short snap and showed his Bethlehem Liberty all-state running ability in the open field and scored a touchdown.
The Owls beat Buffalo that day, 34-0.
I'd like to win 34-0 again, but I'll settle for 23-20.