Finally, time for trivial pursuits

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The new Western Michigan helmet. I don't remember what the old one looked like.

Thought it kind of odd that, in the middle of recruiting season, new Western Michigan coach P.J. Fleck introduced a new helmet.
I thought new coaches were in a full-out sprint to firm up and add to recruiting classes and didn't have time to address a pursuit as trivial (by comparison) as helmets.
Now they do.
I hope Matt Rhule does.
An established tradition at Temple is that a new helmet is solely the call of a new head coach.
Wayne Hardin changed the helmet from the stupid Owl to TEMPLE and the Owls won like never before. Bruce Arians wisely kept the TEMPLE and had the Owls go 6-5 (twice) against a Top 10 national schedule. Try picturing current-day Temple going 6-5 twice against a SEC schedule. That's pretty much what Arians did.
Jerry Berndt changed the TEMPLE helmet to the T and the Owls promptly went 1-10. Bad Karma.
The T took TEMPLE through some awful Ron Dickerson and Bobby Wallace years.
Al Golden changed all that with some good coaching ... and good Karma.
The winning Temple teams that Al Golden remembered had the word TEMPLE on the helmet.
The greatest helmet in the history of college football, IMHO.
The move was universally applauded, especially by ex-Temple players.
I thought that was great and made TEMPLE stand out from other Ts on other helmets, like Tennessee and Tulane.
We all know and love our Temple '][' but, really, how many non-Temple people located in Idaho or Montana or Washington or even Tennessee can tell that's a Temple ][ right away?
Not many, I'd venture to say.
There is a King Solomon-like solution here and I hope that Rhule has the wisdom to see it:
Split the baby.
Put TEMPLE on one side and the ][ on the other.
That way you have the branding concerns by marketing taken care of and you salute the greatest helmet era in TEMPLE history by putting it on the other half of the helmet. Heck, having TEMPLE on the other side of the helmet enhances and not detracts, from the ][ brand because of the constant reminder of what the ][ stands for on every tackle, interception or touchdown.
You leave no doubt as to what school you are playing and you have the most unique and best helmet in college football.
Then keep it that way for a long, long time.